RT Manufacturing L.L.C.


The 4-1/2” Model C Packer was designed to cover
a range of 4-1/2” casing along with varying well conditions.
The mean running OD is 3.375” and with a change of gage rings, elements and slip cage assemblies it can handle any size 4-1/2”.
It utilizes a three piece packing system supplied by MP Industries, and 4 non-directional slips to anchor the packer.

Some Feature and Benefits
* One trip equalizing and releasing (fully equalizes before releasing)
* Push or Pull to equalize
* GS Profile in fishing neck
* Upper Seal Bore
* Can be set Hydraulically, with E-line or with Slick line depending on well    conditions.
* Elements can be re-energized by applying pressure from top.

Base Polymer (Nitrile)
Maximum Operating Temp. (90 Duro) 425F (80 Duro) 375F (70 Duro) 325F

Packer OD----------------- 3.375”
Packer ID------------------ 1.500”
Equalizing Stem ID---------- 0.750”
Overall Length--------------  66”